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Summer Activities      For the moment this page is in Englisch until the translation is ready.

hiking safari 2 - knife making course - canoeing - boat - skeet shooting - fishing - archery - booking-information

Hiking Safari 1

3 day safari
We have opportunities for a nice trip on the fjäll or through the woods. This choice is up to the group.
To do the hiking, you can choose to take a dog from us with you (your own dog is also possible) or without a dog. The hiking day begins with a departure from the farm and return on the farm after 3 days. The between time we spent in the woods. We sleep in self made shelters or in small huts in the forest.
Distances depends on the group.

Incl. 2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x dinner, sleeping bag and required materials and guide.

 Price: 2.495,- SEK p/p

* For larger groups (4 persons or more) group discount. Ask the price through a free quote via email or telephone.
hiking hiking hiking hiking


Hiking Safari 2

5 day safari
This package funds the same description as. nr. 1, but with this one you are 5 day's in the forest.

Prijs: 4.495,- SEK p/p

* For larger groups (4 persons or more) group discount. Ask the price through a free quote via email or telephone.

Knife making course

1 day course incl. lunch, incl. starterset
Welcome with a cup of coffee. After the coffee you and the instructor go to work to make, after your own ideas by using starterkit, a knife. At noon we eat together a simple lunch.

Price: 850,- SEK p/p

Kayak Safari                     Season 2011 is maj - october           New for this year are fishing and fotosafari's.

Half day tour:
Kayaking on Flåsjön or a bay of Vattudal's or perhaps on a winding forestriver. You may discover how easy and fun it is to travel by kayak. We dock on a beautiful location to enjoy coffee and feel good. No paddling experience is required.

Price: 500,- SEK p/p

Day tour:
We paddle a stretch on like 12-20 km, take it easy and enjoy the adventure and nature. There is always something exciting to discover (wild animals, beautiful nature). On one fine place, we light a fire and eat lunch. No paddling experience is required, but a full days paddling is a real work.

Price: 1.000,- SEK p/p

More day tour:
Packed with kayaks for touring, we feel the rhythm of a leisurely paddling. This tour can turn in open water and in rivers with both calm water and rapids. It is also a great feeling to let you carry trouth the water. In two days we paddle 15-35 km, no paddling experience is required but you should be accustomed to being on the lake. Overnight in tent or tipi.

Price: 2.100,- SEK p/p for a 2 day-tour.     More day-tours: + 800,-- SEK p/p for each day longer.

Prices are incl. meals, guide / instructor, a fully equipped kayak, tentkåta or tent to sleep in. Participants under 18 only accompanied by an adult. You can also book for customized tours.

Beaversafari with an overnight stay:
Beavers are shy and we'll see them at dusk and dawn. We have it nice together at a campfire, sleeping a few hours. We customize a beaver safari to your needs and desires. For 2-8 people.

Price: 1.500,- SEK p/p

Kayak safari: click on an image to enlarge
kano kano kano


Kayak Rental

It is also possible to go on your own adventure with a kayak. Rental of a kayak can do per hour but also for more day's.

Click here for the price list

Boat Rental

We have an 4 personsboat with electric motor. With this boat it is perfect to fish, or just to make a nice tour.

Price: 0-4 hours 350,- SEK
1 day 500,- SEK

Boat rental: click on an image to enlarge
boot boot boot


Skeet shooting

Skeet shooting happened with a shotgun. A fun and relaxing exercise. Fun with a group of friends to do, but also alone or in pairs a great opportunity to learn to shoot. For those already familiar with the shotgun a fun thing to do in your holidays.

All this accompanied by 1 of our guides. Welcome with coffee.

Price: 2 hours 350,- SEK p/p            extension per hour 150,- SEK p/hour p/p
kleiduif schieten kleiduif schieten kleiduif schieten



Our environment is ideal for fishing. In the big lake in front of our door, but also in the forests and mountains are great fish ponds.
A fishing license is required. This is for purchace in our kiosk.
Fishing can be done individually, but it is also possible to do an fishingtour with us. Our guide can show you the best and most beautiful spots.

Ask for our fishing tours by e-mail or telephone.

Price for to fish accompanied by a guide: on request.
vissen vissen vissen vissen


Archery                     Find rest from everyday life in archery - a sport to relax and calm down.

We offer courses for beginners on the archery field next to us.
In a training unit of two hours we teach the basics of how to handle bow and arrow and shooting and scoring a target without sight. This corresponds to the original way of archery since its beginnings of about 10.000 years ago. The techniques of shooting and scoring can be improved in further training units.

The course takes place in a group of 5 participants. The language in the course is German or Swedish, or will be done in English or Dutsch by a translator. The archery equipment is included in the price, also the coffee.

Price: 200 kr/pers.            extension per hour 150,- SEK p/hour p/p

FITA outdoor track Our targets are positioned on a wide meadow near the Flåsjön. The outdoor customers range from 30/50/70/90 meters. You can easily shoot with strong bows up to max 60 lbs.    Hunting points are not allowed on our Grounds.

The fees for using the FITA track is 150 kr/day per person. New FITA target faces of 80 cm and 122 cm are included in the price. Further target faces can be bought.


Booking information

We have no set schedule. If you want to book an activity, you can give us the desired date and activity through the booking form. We will contact you if this date is indeed available. The following is a confirmation of what we have jointly agreed.
You can book an activity by it self or in combination with a whole package (accommodation and food). Also, such a multi-day hiking or canoe tour, etc. can be extended with other activities. All on demand.

The finalization of the proposal offered by us can be done by responding to our proposal by mail or trough the booking form. You will receive a confirmation stating wich tells you that a payment of 25% of the total sum required (deposit). Once we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation of receipt. In our confirmation you will find all the details of the total amount and bank details for payment, etc..

The rest of the total amount* have to be payed two weeks before arrival of your holiday. When you do a booking within 2 weeks of the start of your holiday, for finalizing your reservation, is paying of the entire sum required.

The journey to us is not included. On request transfer from and to Östersund is possible.

Camping i Järvsand reserves the right to modify a program related to weather or unforeseen circumstances, circumstances beyond our power.

To book please call, email or use our bookings form.

* Exception for bookings of day activities. Here you may pay by arrival by cash or by pin. (You may, offcourse, always prepay).