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Finally summer
Fri 06 June 2014

Our summer began with a wonderful summer holiday in Cyprus in late April. We came from snow and cold (although there was already some hot dayshere) in a Mediterranean summer.
It was a long time ago, but we choose since a long time for a luxurious and relaxing holiday again.
I can say the kids enjoyed it and would love to go back!
Well I must say it pleased me very well :-)

Upon return, but it was a bit cold here! The warmth wich we had before our holiday was on vacation as well.
It took some time before it came back, but now it's back in all its glory. Temperatures of 25 degrees, and that in the beginning of June! Delicious!
With the alternation of some rainfall the grass grows very fast and we need mowing every day.
Recently we bought a new mower, witch we are very happy with. Saves a lot of time! Where else you mow two days to do everything and start the third day att the beginning again, we now do everything in one day. If the mower is not in Strömsund to mow the customers gass!

Since our return we started the renovation of the kennels. Photos will be posted on the site under: pictures and then the album kennel renovation.
It goos steadily, but that's more because there are no materials in stock, even if you have ordered large quantities. Then you come to the shop and then: oops sorry ....
But also because we both often from 7 or 8 in the morning to 8 o clock in the evening are on our way for our other business and clean, windowcleaning, lawn mowing, house paint discard, etc etc. When we come home we can do until about 10 oclock some odd jobs as the garden, the administration or pile up some wood that have been split by the grandparents, and do a little housekeeping stuff...
That leaves only on the weekends to work with the kennels.
Also, the firewood was not completely finished, but now it slowy comes to the end! Really, almost done!!
Luckily we had a couple of long weekends now, as national day.

The vegetable garden is almost done, I hope to finish today. Actually we are late, but yes there are not more hours in a day. I'm still painting Jay's room. He got new windows, because those old where really bad. But then of course that includes change of a boys room to room for a big guy!

After our return from holiday we had so much to do that the first time we were able to go in to the kennel and cuddle our dogs was in the weekend.
I see as a big surprise that Lumi was pregnant!!
Not fun! and certainly not planned!
Of course we had our Winter thing Wantok who climbed off and in kennels, and so even in the kennel where Lumi was and she was in heat. But in the morning he was just lovely sitting in the middle, so we tought that nothing happend.
There is only one dog that has been with her, so it's not that difficult to find out who the father is.
When I was in the kennel i got a sudden rush to go in and look on facebook and the pictures where Wantok was trying to climb. This was the only way to find out the date "it" happend.

And yes: Sunday she was already 62 days!!
Normally if you not know about a coverage you have still at least 1 to 2 weeks to get used to the idea, because of the growing belly, but given our vacation we had no time to get used to the idea.
Quickly i prepaired the nursery room and i slept their with her. Nothing to worry about, so I got to may work in Strömsund on Monday.
Until Nanoek called that the first puppy was born, and the second was coming.
3 beautiful, thick, puppies!
They had quite on the high side birth weight, but now after 3.5 weeks the male is already 3kg ....
They are really thick and big!
But so nice to have puppies again especially since our planned litter is not going to happen.

Well that is not possible?? A year without puppies!! ....
I'm going now just cuddle them!
See you the next round :-D




Hoi, ziet er mooi uit de nieuwe kennels. Een stuk groter en hoger dus geen onverwacht "y" nest ?! Ik vind de x-puppies heeeeel lief om te zien, dus is een "y"nest wel een super uitdaging.
Hoe is het verder in Zweden ? Op de foto's lijkt het bij jullie ook mooi weer net zoals bij ons in Hoenderloo. Zojuist genoten van de voetbalwedstrijd Australiƫ-Nederland die gelukkig is gewonnen met 3-2 door Nederland ..... pfff was super spannend. Bertus moet nu ook meekijken want ik ga echt wel kijken. Hij is maar weggevlucht naar de tamboers ... duh !! Moet hij maar aan wennen. Ik begreep van Bertus dat Jay en Kyona naar Nederland willen en dat jullie nog moeten kijken wanneer. Wij kunnen pas in oktober op vakantie en wij gaan naar Noorwegen. Ik ben nog niet bij mijn broer in Bergen geweest en Bertus nog nooit in Noorwegen dus 2 vliegen in 1 klap. Dus dit jaar lukt het wArschijnlijk niet om naar jullie te komen, maar helemaal zeker weten wij het nog niet. Ik vermoed dat wij jullie eerder dit jaar hier zien dan wij jullie in Zweden. Verder heb ik weinig nieuws dus groetjes vanuit Hoenderloo, Bertus en Nienke

Nienke | 18-06-14 | 20:51