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How time flies
Fri 18 July 2014

Only 4.5 weeks holiday left and the children have to go to school again.
Gosh, they are already over the half of their vacation! 5 weeks ago they said goodbye to group 2 and 7. Midsummer it was. And COLD!! 4 to 5 degrees. Not really summer.

The temperature have got to the opposite side of the thermometer. Last week we have had temperatures from over 30 degrees. Now just four days a little bit better/colder (19 to 20 degrees) and some rain. We needed it!
Where grass was brown and dry as a sort of Spanish scenes it turned now to nice green and we have to mow a lot again! For next week weather forecast is super hot weather, but this time we have a week to work at home in the kennels, so we can take a break now and then in the shadow!

Finally the vegetable garden is going better.... We were a little bit late with the plants, but since it was cold, it was better that we where late! Now it grows and we eat every day fresh from the garden.
But really next year it is time for a GREEENHOUSE Richard!
Next year three projects already are known: GREENHOUSE, kennels finish what we don't can make before the winter and prepairing our Järvstuga for use. This year we just don't have the time for it.

Jay's room is 97% finished. It is really super and beautiful!
At first I thought: oops i hope it will be nice, but i'm not sure. It is entirely his own choice: black, antrachite, dark blue and darker blue.
Tomorrow i have only to finishing some small details, and we are waiting for the new ordered lamp and wait for Richard who needs to make something to cover the beautiful green radiator.

Then finally one project is finished.

Weeds we don't handle it this year.... It is simply to much...
We are so often from home with the cleaning and window washing and late back home, and now since Nanoek have her holiday, we often feed the dogs at half past nine in the evening.
On the weekends we are totally done.

A kind of berry must have been ripe, because the Thais are already present in the woods to pick. I wonder what that is, because the raspberry is not so far .....
I have to do some research, because than this begins as well: in to the forest to have some nice time and to pick berries. And then at home to clean and juice and jam making.

The puppies are doing fine and are even beginning to get more like we have had the other puppies. This ones where so quit. Now the became more like grazy wenn it is feeding time, some more playing and brother/sister love (not). A nice couple!

Another project that we have started a bit in between is to get the caravan on Swedish licence. Hope this goes well, because then we do'nt have to go on holliday by tent and we can occasionally go fishing for a weekend (not far from home, but simply to get away).
I don't think we have it ready before our holidays .... (unfortunately), but we'll see!