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Summer is over
Thu 04 September 2014

Kennels, kennels, kennels, kennels.
Our summer consisted of: kennels, kennels and more kennels.
There seems to be no end.... It started in the spring when the ground had thawed.
Because all the work we had, we only could work with the kennels in the evenings and on weekends.
Of course, many other things done, but it seems that was almost nothing compared to the kennels.
We get up with kennels, we eat with kennels, we go to bed with kennels and we dream about kennels.
That it was a lot of work no one had to tell us, but that it would go so slowly ...., but ok it will be super beautiful!

Of course I can never say no, so cleaning jobs: yes we can! Camping and there with summer activities: Yes we can!
By placing the new windows in Jay's room, room redecorating: Yes we can!
Of course I can not leave the garden for what it is and now the berry picking and retrieve all vegetables from the garden (those wich succeeded!).

The children have returned to school. A sign that autumn has begun. And you have to see the beautiful colors in the woods (yellow, brown, red, really fantastic).
Bird Hunting: Mila needed to go out, but no: first the kennels!
Moose Hunting: That's not passing without Richard! Planned free day's from Saturday and over a week.
Chanterelles picking: just no time.... last year we found nothing, this year ??? Hope Richard will find some during the week that he is going around the forest.
But the week after that: just hold your self. I now handle 2 calendars for all the appointments for work to do!
But then we also have the kennels! Our goal the four new kennels and 10 of 20 old kennels new build are almost finished.
That means, only the back wall and the doors left to do. The gravel is ready. Here and there fixing some slats.
Next spring we go further with the remaining 10 kennels.

Does not mean that if Richard is done, that Nanoek and I are ready as well!
We need to build the boxes for the kennels that are now ready ...... only 27 cabins/boxes left! and all that have to be ready before September 19 .....

After that we have to fit harnesses at the dogs, before trainingsseason start before 1. Oct., wenn we start with training the dogs.
Still not all W-"puppies" have had harness training. And if i look att our calender it is not going to happen before seasonstart.

The planning for the winter is pretty full. Fortunately!
But also after the winter we have already moved and more in our schedule!
First, we would continue with our house, but the plans yet already adjusted.

If everything goes like it has to go, we become horses in the spring.
We want to offer horse tours as well. Touring in the summer but also in winter.
Actually i want to have already now some horses to make a start, but yeah choices and finances ...
I have seen three horses that I'm really fall in love with! But they are in Germany ... So not only the cost of buying them, but also transport ....
mmmm, anyway i have to wait!