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Autumn!! Training dogs started & new work
Wed 08 October 2014

The kennel inspection has already taken place. And it was ok! We have got the prologation of our kennel- and worklicense.
Luckily the woman who was here for the license saw our input and hard work and she was impressed.

Not that we are ready now.... Another 10 kennels to go, but we will continue with this after the winter season.
But also 17 new night cabins have to be ready before winter(our own requirement).

We may say: the new kennels are top! And we are proud!

When the stress was off we had to fit some harnesses for the young dogs, witch this year will run for the first time but also for the young dogs from last year. They are now really getting "big" dogs. Some needed a bigger harness.....

September 29 was the day of the first training. 5 teams of 11 dogs, with each team two yearlings. Hands full.
After 2 days training with the dogs, we brought back the teams to three teams of 14 dogs and one team of 13 dogs. One less round to go, which saves a lot of time. Time we can devote to train our horses.

YES, horses ....:-)
Our new work get (finally) real forms: horseback riding.
We now have two haflingers: Corrie and Acke.
This is the start for making beautiful horseback riding through the Swedish countryside.

I myself have to get some old things about horses and horse riding back (it was quite a few years since I was for the last time on a horse). Get to know the horses, but also explore the forest on horseback.
Very different to go out in the forest with horses than with the dogs.
But Nanoek is actively involved in the horses. She will also be guiding horseback riding, and therefore have a quickcourse horses and riding to do, besides the care and training of the dogs.

The intention is to have some more horses next spring and start with the first rides in June

All together a lot of work, but it's all with animals and that makes it good to keep going.

Richard just gets more and more work to do (such as building a riding arena, adjust the gates of the reindeer and goatyard for the horses, still a lot of window washing and cleaning (which I also are involved in), finish night cabins, etc etc .. .).

Fortunately we have got help for this winter!
To this fall and this winter we will be with five persons to give everything what is in our possibility to make another top season, both for the guests and for ourselves!