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On our way to the winter
Sun 30 November 2014

In the meantime it should be winter.
Yes, we have snow. But that's all we can say. There is about 10 cm. snow, and that was it for a long time.
Well it is cold a little bit (-10), but that would also go up again this week.

The dogs we train still with the quad. Some spots under the trees in the forest are just green. So no sledge driving.
The horses we can still drive, though it is sometimes with a biting wind veeerrryy cold!

The horses. Yes we had 2, now it are 4. Corrie & Acke: Haflinger, Eros: Nordsvenks trotting horse, Braela: Iceland Horse.
The horse riding is back in my system, only the planning ..... That's sometimes puzzling to get everything done.
Personally, I've had lately not so much time for the dogs, which I find very unfortunate!

A lot of time I spend with the horses, cleaning for clients (for here at home ..... well just no time), accounting and office work, but in addition, I am again guardian for two refugee girls without parents. A lot of traveling to Östersund, Sundsvall, but later also to Stockholm for papers and permits.

What we can see is that these lots of work will continue next year. There for we have decided to register us at HELPEX and WWOOF volunteers or interns to work with next year.
We have already a lot on our to do list: as 70 cubic timber cutting and putting inside, gardens (mowing), Painting, building the last 11 kennels, build stables, construction horseyards, cleaning (especially a lot of windowcleaning). And here we get more and more demand for gardening.
Richard will be mostly at work at other places.

But to focus first on the coming winter:
If it's right this week our new dogsledg will arrive. And Richard's new toy is picked up!
The bookings we can not complain about that! So we are ready for it: Bring on the winter!





Succes de komende periode met alle drukte en hopen op een flink pak sneeuw.
Wellicht voldoende klandizie deze winter voor ons gaat het van de winter helaas waarschijnlijk niet lukken om langs te komen maar komende zomer/herfst heel zeker wel weer.
Als jullie nog wat hoveniers tipjes of kloofadvies nodig hebben horen we het wel,
Groeten fijne (drukke) feestdagen en tot zo snel mogelijk

Bertus en Nienke

Bertus en Nienke | 21-12-14 | 13:11