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Tue 17 February 2015

Yeah and then it was winter .....
And what a kind.
Again it started snowing late.
But this time "they" listen to our wishes and our needs for the weather (first the ditches, streams, swamps and lakes have to be frozen). This so that we can feel confident to sledge over it without getting trough it.

When finally the snow came, just after a week we got temperatures of +7.
All the snow disappeared and when it finally went freezing weather, we got an thick hard icelayer.

We are sledging with guests allready from Christmas and so far, on an occasional change in the program, we can sledge.
Every day we keep an eye on the weather forecasts, but we don't get a lot of confidence in what will happen next with the weather....

The horses have now been ridden and tested.
By Nanoek and me, but also by guests.
With and without snow.
To do horseriding in the snow it is a special experience!
Definitely worth.
What a wonderful animals they are!

We are now busy with importing two nice horses from Iceland. The final decision has not been taken yet, but will one of these days should be done.
Exciting because we know them until now only from photo's and the contact with the breeder/seller.

Many guests we have this year. What have been so far veeeery nice people. I am looking forward to the rest of the season!
But already for next year we got booking requests for 6 weeks.
If this final will be booked (by Lapland Travel, Explorado and NKBV) then we are already a long way to get the full the next winter ....

Hoping for the summer we gona get many guests at the camp as well and a good start with the horsebackriding!




Lijkt me heel mooi om een tocht met een paard te maken maar weten nog niet wanneer we langskomen hoop dat het dan ook mogelijk is ð†ð†

marian v.d.ploeg | 17-02-15 | 19:19