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Born: 09-07-2004   (†14-08-2011)
Age :7 years, 1 month

NHSB 2517166

As far as my information goes is Laser 1 of 6 from this litter. As far as my memory goes, there were more. But at that time I was heavily pregnant by Kyona, so who knows, we must rely on the information ...

It was not an easy beginning for these brothers and sisters. Mother Image had 2 days after birth high fever, it was a ruptured uterus. A big operation, but Image came up again. The result was that we had to feed the puppies with a bottle.
One of the sisters feed we for 2 days with a hose: Limit, she was no older than one week. Her other sister Layok get at the age of 2 months a very severe epileptic seizures and didn't survived this.

Lovec, Lester and Lecko we had already promised to others, so from the three we would keep was Laser the only one who was left.
Laser a nice sweet happy dog. Just before we moved to Sweden, she was very skinny and had constant diarrhea. For this we went to our vet and did a blood test.
Once in Sweden the results of the bloodtestt where there, Laser's body made no enzymes. We get a powder for it. We had already had a dog with this disease and that was a disaster. But they promised this would be a lot better because Laser had no chronic colon inflammation, what the other poor fellow had.

The powder worked perfectly. Laser was an "ordinary" dog in our kennel, as long as she get here powder with every meal she had.
A good lead dog. A sweet little dog. No fighting with other dogs and att work she also clearly show what she accepted and not accepted from others!

However, two years ago (late winter 2009), she was skinny and had bad stool. The vet here has experimented with other pancreatic powder, but this did not function at all.
We found the Duck Pancreas feed. This worked perfectly! But only wenn it was not cold and she didn't have to work: So the summer. In the winter it was not enough, and than the work came also. But that is what Laser only wanted to do: work!
Also, we could not regularly come to this food (raw materials were not delivered, etc.).
Whenn Laser had here bad times, she had diarrhea, hurt her skin and body, and she was sad.

Now at last she was terribly skinny again. She was emaciated and looked very sad.
The vet had already advised us to let her go, but with the Duck it went so well, we wanted to try it for a while. But once again forced on the powder there was nothing left from Laser.

Sunday, August 14th we decided to let her go. Laser earned to be in peace! The hard times were ultimately more than the good times she had.
She's been on a wonderful hiking at the last, what she liked the most! we saved here the further suffering.

Rest in peace dear Laser! We have chosen for you what we think it was best.


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NHSB 2437720
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AKC WP092432/03
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DNCH-SH 906607

Layok, Lecko, Lester, Limit, Lovec