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Goodbye dear Zappa

Yesterday 19 September we let Zappa sleep.
Zappa was with 12 years very old... She was no longer Zappa. She has lost a lot of weight, here undercoat was gone and she was shaky. Petting her hurt her.
We found this not a dignified dog live for her!
We will miss Zappa with your cute face!
We thank Onno and Marja de Jong for the time we might have with this cute dog!


Husky election of the year: vote on 1 of our husky

4 of our husky's participate in the election: husky of the year 2012 att Laplandreizen.

We have sent in: Kilat, Piroschka, Lovec and Ursa.

To let 1 of our husky's win before one of the dogs from other husky-farms, it should be great if you would vote on 1 of our husky's!

Follow these link below: you will come to all dogs who participate. To vote on a dog yo like, you have to klick on the picture of this dog and than on like.....

You can also win your self: a check of 600,-- euro for outdoorclothes, trough Laplandreizen and Bogner....


8 black puppies

After having slept with Snowy iin 3 nights, she decided on thursdaymorning between 9 and 11 to give birth to 8 puppies, she did it if it meant nothing.

All 8 they are black and white.
It took some day's to know who is who, but it starts to work!
5 bitches and 3 male.

The names:
Voice, Viper, Vodka, Voodoo, Venco (licorice), Varjo (shadow, Finnish), Vän (friend, Swedish) and Vita (white, Swedish).

The problem is that they have lost weight and still don't grow so much. We started with giving them puppymilk, but that still does not give result we want.
Hope it goes better soon!


One more week to go for Snowy

Snowy will be the only one who get puppies this year.
She is very thick and have only 1 week to go. Belly is already getting bald and she don't goes one cm. from your site.....

From this weekend we put her in the puppy-kennel.
Litter-letter: V

Bomber has not been pregnant, even she "did it" 3 times. Two years ago she got a litter of 7 puppies from the same male...... and now empty...

Piroschka was pregnant, but again she aborted the pregnantsy, there came only drab and some white fleece....


More puppy news

Also Bomber becomes puppies if everything goes well.
Around 18 september would "it" happen ....
The happy father; Harvey.

This combination we have already done and are very content with the result!


Expected puppies

Yesterday and today (9 and 10 july) we did a breeding with the combination Snowy x Kilat.
Now wait and see whether she will be really pregnant.
From this combination will be some puppies for sale (depending on the number of born puppies).

Also, we have again done the combination Piroschka x Jemen. But here we do not expect much, since Piroschka earlier remained empty.

Due date Snowy's puppies 11 september.


Home comming expedition febr. 2012.

Yesterday afternoon at about 15.00 ocklock they came back! A big line with sledges and dogs, tired but satisfied. We took a nice drink (foto. ... but that was not on my camera, so I have tot take it frome someone's camera today...).
The dogs and participants have successfully passed and have enjoyed the tour, As we have heard it.
Today a rest day for the sweet dogs!

day 5 expedition febr. 2012

Yesterday snowstorm. Really you were blown away! No news of the expedition, so Richard called himself to hear how everything was ....
It's going well, yesterday they made a beautiful tour around Strömsund. Lots and lots of new snow and snow blowing on the tracks from the storm.
Sanders news: bags under the eyes, but still fresh and in good spirits.
Today is the last day!

Third day expediton febr. 2012

Yesterday i had not really time to do some writing. All though there are only 27 dogs at home, it's much wenn you're alone with all the thing doing around. Okay Richard was at home yesterday, but had his wet belongings organize, route to watch, together with Sander repaired Sanders sledge, snow removal and bring in some dogfood and meat (of course everything came on the same day)... Imagine if Richard was not home, I may do that as well .... And now it is snowing again ....

Yesterday's the route was from Lidsjöberg through Trångvattnet, Ringvattnet Ursvattnet and went back to Järvsandsberget and they sleep in our teepee in the woods.
Richard and I went with 2 teams with yearlings and old dogs to the teepee to bring some extra supplies into the teepee.
Everything else went well yesterday after a small tree for Sander. The sledge is fixed again.
From the night I have not heard anything until now.
If everything is ok today the route today will be to Strömsund.

Richard had lost his phone, probably in the crowd with the stuff from the scooter and get the dogs turn around etc. Now I just get a text message that his phone has been found wenn they took out the scooter from the water. And he does it well! (the phone), scooter I do not know. The scooter is back on the side and now they are busy with the pulka ....

Day 2 expedition febr. 2012