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Expedition febr. 2012

The timescedule we had was not so bad done this morning, but before 6 ocklock we this morning we were woken by the neighbor that there was no water and that Richard has to go to the pumphouse to fix this. Well, my thought: there goes our nice planning ....

But still: 7 am we had water for the dogs, and 8.10 (instead off 8.00) we sat at breakfast.
9.00 am we went outside.
To put on the jackets and boots and pack the final things and the preparation of the lines lasted the longest. Putting the dogs into the teams it went smoothly.
Aafkje and I were finally alone at 10.30.

The route for today are scheduled as follows: starting on Järvsand over Ursvattnet to Alanäs, through Trångvattnet, Ringvattnet and on the first night they will stay near by Lidsjöberg.

Photo expedition members, on the floor from left to right: Bea, Renate, Jeroen. Standing behind the sledge from left to right: Niek, Sander and Richard.


Day 1 expetition febr. 2012

19.00 ocklock i get the message that they were on the first camp, dogs were fed and now they were eating them self. Everything went well!

Planned route for tomorrow: Via Gårdsjön to Risede, Klumpvattnet up to Jougdadalens narurreservat. Overnight on Brattlidfjället.
However, the forecast for the "fjällen" give a Class 1 warning.
Tomorrow morning we call the fjällråd to see how the route will be ...

1 place free for the expedition in march

For the sleddog expedition 11 t/m 17 march we have only 1 place left.
The other 3 sledges are all ready booked.

For more information: or 0046-702345630


An extra expedition date! 11 to 17 march 2012. Places available!

From March 11 to 17, 2012 we have another expedition.
Expedition 1 this time. This consists of:
Day 1 arrival. 2 day introduction day. You learn feeding and taking care off the dogs, putting them in the team and sledging. We do also an learning trip from about 20 km. We prepair the materials for the next vieuw day's.
Day 3 We leave for 4 days (3 nights) to be on trail with the dogs and spend the night outside.
Day 7 departure.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included, 3 nights accommodation in our guesthouse and required materials during the expedition. The same applies to transfers to and from Östersund airport or train station.

For more information:

Puppy for sale

From the combination Preza x Kilat we will sell 1 bitch: Umbra.
Umbra is a quizzical little dog and and very playful.
She is born 17-11-2011. So she may move to here new home on the end of january.....

For more information:



The puppies from Preza are (finally) born. Thursday, November 17 at about quarter to four in the afternoon she was restless, around four o'clock she was screaming and at a quarter past four the first pup was born.

6 puppy's, 4 males and 2 females.
Names: Usher (male), Umbra (bitch), Ursa (male), Ushyk (male), Uggla (male), Ukilat (bitch).

For pictures see:
And for each dog separately see:


A little week to go....

Next saturday we move Preza to the inside kennel!
Only a small week to go and we get puppies.
Siberian Adventure's Preza x Siberian Adventure's Kilat.

Normally I am rather new to report, but then we also have been with the coverage ... Now we know that Preza is pregnant because she became thicker. And that only on certain places!
At the first sign of heat we removed here from the males. Well Kilat knew quickly how it worked, because before that time, she was already covered.

The strange thing is that Kilat was not annoying to Preza.

This time it's the U-litter. We already have names, but tips are always welcome!


Entering a sleddog race? This is possible with our dogs!

Beaver Trap Trail 2012:
Arrival date: March 26
Departure Date: April 1

This option is for people with experience in taking care of sled dogs and driving a dogsled. Experience with us or through your own dogs. You have to show that you have experience!

The first day (March 26) is the arrival day. The second day you get the composition of your team. We explain the "rules" and make a short tour with "your" dogs.
The third day we leave by dog sled to Norråker, where the race will start.

The fourth day is the start of the race. On this day the race will be about 40 km. Overnight in tents in a nature reserve.
You must take care of your dogs and come to the start your self to the start of the next day. These day your sled about 45 km.
The fifth day after the race trail you come back to the camp in the nature reserve and spend another night in the tent.

The sixth day (about 40 km.) Is the last competition day and you come across the finish line in Norråker.

To close the race day's there is a buffet. We sleep another night in the tent in Norråker and the seventh day we returned to the farm. Depending on weather conditions or the dogs we can be driven back by car.
Day 8 is departure day and you will return home.

Limited places!

Total cost p/p: 10.320, - SEK (incl. buffet and entry fees, transfers to and from Östersund, food, all materials wom need, nights on the farm)


The training started again!

Last Monday we started training again! Yippee! It gives a good feeling again to be busy with your dogs in this way instead of just cuddling and grooming ....

This year we have 9 young dogs to train (1.5 yr and 1 yr). Together with those of Sander 14!
Really nice to see what the "puppies" do. You have certain expectations ...

4 teams, we train and we all started with 4 km. We are one week earlier than usual, but that's because I (Claudia) have course in the next two weeks and I wanted to have seen the first turn of the "puppies"!

We started again with a car, but the roads are so bad that we switched on Wednesday to the quad.

Photos follow: first we were too busy with the pups! next week we will take pictures ...

And now on to real cold and: SNOW!

Goodbye dear dear Gingy

You were almost 13 years, but unfortunately you didn't make it.
Today we euthanize Gingy, to save here further suffering. Large bumps made that it was hard to go, but also more and more trouble it was to sit or lie down and getting up.

For Gingy we have made this difficult decision.

Goodbye, most beloved Gingy. Look at page: Gingy